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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Impediment v/s Bug - are they same or different?

Let's understand what is impediment and bug in Agile Scrum. First of all they both are not same, they may be distantly related in some special situations but they are different.

Here are the basic definitions:
An impediment is a situation that is stopping/blocking the completion of work.
A bug is referred to a defect or issue in the work product.
On side notes do you know that the word "bug" was used to indicate an actual bug (fly, moth) on a circuit board causing a short-circuit or other problems. You can read more details here - http://theinstitute.ieee.org/technology-focus/technology-history/did-you-know-edison-coined-the-term-bug

A defect would typically NOT block the completion of work, though in some situations a defect may impede work and also be am impediment at same time. For same reason, a defect would relate to implementation of a work item (user story), where as impediment would block one or more work items (user stories).

Defect and impediments are tracked seperately in defect tracker and impediment tracker. Bugs would eventually be prioritized and added to product backlog and re-prioritized by product owner. Impediments would never be added to product backlog, but resolution of an impediment may be taken out as spike; if some research work is involved and/or a major bloker to work.

While bugs can be identified during development activities (coding, testing etc), and impediment would typically be identified during daily scrums. The scrum master is responsible for helping resolve these impediments to improve team productivity.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Theme, Epic, Story, Task, Feature

Theme, Epic, Story, and Task are Agile Scrum terms, whereas 'Feature' is a term is not so often found in Scrum handbooks (probably introduced by some eager minds).

1) Theme is logical grouping of stories
2) Epic is just a large/big story - that needs to be broken down in smaller stories
3) Story is a story (explained elsewhere), that is broken down into tasks to be worked upon by developers as per agreed 'definition of done'

In terms of size - Theme and Epic may be of different sizes, rest would always be in this order (from large to small) - Epic > Story > Task
So technically, only these two combinition are possible (just in terms of size as theme and epic are not comparable - if anyone is interested) -
1) Theme > Epic > Story > Task
2) Epic > Theme > Story > Task

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Sprint Zero v/s Spike

Lets understand this in three easy steps -

1) Sprint Zero (also called as Iteration Zero) is not same as Spike. Spike is a 'story' and a Sprint may have one or more stories in it
2) Sprint Zero is usually done/planned/executed to perform some research or initial work that is required beefore you start First Sprint (also called as Sprint One, Iteration One)
3) Any Sprint may have one or more stories (also called as User Stories), so the Sprint Zero may be planned if there is a need of Spike (some research work etc.)