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Thursday, April 7, 2016

What is the best way to resolve conflicts in Agile Scrum teams?

Before we discover the best way to conflict resolution - try to answer these questions -
  1. If a team member or some of the team members observe that a particular member is not performing as he/she should who should they talk to about this first? - Product Owner, Scrum Master, Manager or that member?
  2. Who should resolve conflicts in scrum teams? - Scrum Master, Product Owner, Manager, or the team?
Answers to the above questions are 1) member, 2) the team. Did you get you questions right? If not, here is explanation -

There is no role called Manager in scrum, so it has to be one of other three parties - since Scrum teams are self-organizing teams so as first step they are expected to talk to the member they have problem with to resolve any possible issues, conflicts. Important part is 'first step' - if this doesn't work, they may take Scrum Master's help and/or may follow organization escalation process.

So the best way to resolve scrum team conflicts is that team shall discuss about issues within themselves and try to resolve it that way.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

What Product Owner is busy with during Sprint?

Though Agile Scrum has just three roles - Product Owner, Scrum Master and Developers, but the roles and responsibilites of each one can be very confusing at times. One of the most frequently asked question is "what activities a product owner engage during sprint?"

Answer: When sprint is in progress, Product Owner would usualy be busy grooming prodoct backlog, answering queries from development team (if any), talking to stekholders (dont forget- he is adding new items to product backlog, re-prioritizing items etc....so he needs to talk to stakeholders), and may help with some early testing and provide feedback as well.

Who updates Burndown Chart?

This is very frequently asked question (usually thrown as one of the options)- who updates Burndown Chart? Product Owner, Scrum Master or Developers or any of these?

Answer: The Developer Team (or say Developers).

Explanation: Since burndown chart is all about the 'remaining work' or 'remaining hours' so developer knows how much work is done and how much if left (and remaining work).

Further, Development Team would also be responsible for updating the work estimates during the Sprint - because of same reason as above - they know it best and can revise estimates (e.g. they raise a question to PO and basis inputs from PO they feel that it would take more effort than expected or remaining).