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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Release Sprint v/s Release v/s Deployment

Lets try to understand these three terms that sound so simillar - Release Sprint, Release and Deployment -

1) Release and Deployment are more or less same. Though these two may have different meanings in some cases - say in waterfall we say 'QA release' and 'Production deployment' - that are two different terms, but in this context these two are same. Once the Sprint Review is over, it 'may be' released/deployed.
At times, 'Release' can also be referred as 'Release Cycle', e.g. a large project can be proken down into mutiple Release Cycles and each may tie back with some organization/business/program objective. In my view, Release (as in Release Cycle) has same meaning in Waterfall and Agile.
2) Release Sprint is actually a special sprint that may take place if release/deployment itself is sizeable effort that is expected to span 2-4 weeks. This type of Sprint is not recommended and should be avoided, as efficient Scrum teams would always finish a functionality that meets 'Definition of Done' and always has a ROI value attached to it so can be released, hence teams are expected to use automated deployments tools to avoid need of such special Sprints.