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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

CSM v/s PSM v/s ACP - explained! - updated on 23rd June 2015

Let's understand few of the leading Agile certifications - CSM (Certified Scrum Master), PSM (Professional Scrum Master), ACP (Agile Ceritified Professional), ICP-APM (ICAgile Certified Professional in Agile Project Management) - in three easy steps -

1) CSM is from www.scrumalliance.org, PSM from www.scrum.org, and ACP is from www.PMI.org (yes, same organization that offers popular PMP certification), ICP is from another independent organization ICAgile (https://icagile.com)

2) CSM can be equated with PSM (Level1) but none of these two can be equated with ACP - first two are Agile Scrum specific certifications, where as ACP and ICP are more extensive and focus on Agile as whole.

3) CSM - get mandatory training (paid) from www.scrumalliance.org and take exam (free) on their website and you are done (I don't know anyone who has ever failed this exam - so kool!), PSM is slightly difficult, no mandatory trainings - pay exam fee online at www.scrum.org and take exam. As you would know from my earlier point, ACP is the most difficult one to earn. You can learn more about ACP at www.pmi.org, to earn ICP you need to attend a mandatory two day training, no exams though, certification is at discretion of trainer (anyone ever denied a certification thus far?).

Final verdict - as an expert myself, i suggest to go for PMI ACP if you really want a certification that industry cares about. A certification doesn't guarantee you a job or any other award, but it surely is a distinction that stands you apart in this crowded professional world. Good luck!