Agile ides - Quick, crazy but innovative ideas that are viable!?

Warning: This page has nothing to do with The Agile (project management), but it is more of a running list of my crazy ideas that I believe can realistically be implemented one day! The real innovation is yet to be seen by the world - here is the glimpse of it  :)

Has anyone been able to measure/cloak the brain-cell chit chat? - I mean at what speed the cells transmit neurons from one cell to another. The ideas flow and disappear at unimaginable speed so here my attempt to list some of those ideas that took a while to cross over at high-speed gateway, hence they were caught! :P

1) Google has been testing Drones, an I wonder why to try to keep something in air which is highly in-stable, unpredictable, ride earth's magnetic singles and beam singles where ever you want? Don't blame if this idea gets that white bear on north pole the best mi-fi signal and internet speed (ok, that's term created by me for the wi-fi that rides on magnetic field). Crazy!?

2)  SurveyMonkey.com is the first site that Google throws when I try to search for "data entry monkey" - wondering if apes can be trained to do data entry work?

(Liked any of the ideas? Sounds to crazy or unrealistic? Drop a note here!)