Sunday, March 3, 2013

Theme, Epic, Story, Task, Feature

Theme, Epic, Story, and Task are Agile Scrum terms, whereas 'Feature' is a term is not so often found in Scrum handbooks (probably introduced by some eager minds).

1) Theme is logical grouping of stories
2) Epic is just a large/big story - that needs to be broken down in smaller stories
3) Story is a story (explained elsewhere), that is broken down into tasks to be worked upon by developers as per agreed 'definition of done'

In terms of size - Theme and Epic may be of different sizes, rest would always be in this order (from large to small) - Epic > Story > Task
So technically, only these two combinition are possible (just in terms of size as theme and epic are not comparable - if anyone is interested) -
1) Theme > Epic > Story > Task
2) Epic > Theme > Story > Task